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2560Wh AGV Battery BMS Protection AGV Lifepo4 Battery

Product Details

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 5Units

Packaging Details: UN38.3 Carton

Delivery Time: 15-30 days

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Intelligent Control, High Stability, High Safety
Cycle Life:
6000 Cycles
Battery Type:
UN38.3, CE, RoHS
Communication Protocol:
Intelligent Control, High Stability, High Safety
Cycle Life:
6000 Cycles
Battery Type:
UN38.3, CE, RoHS
Communication Protocol:
2560Wh AGV Battery BMS Protection AGV Lifepo4 Battery

Battery Type Lithium-ion AGV Batteries with 2560Wh Stored Energy and BMS Protection

Product Description:

AGV Batteries - Keeping Your Mobile Robots Running Efficiently

AGV Batteries is a leading manufacturer of high-quality lithium ion batteries designed specifically for mobile robots. Our batteries are known for their long lifespan, lightweight design, and reliable performance, making them the top choice for AGV battery systems.

Product Specifications
  • Weight: Our AGV batteries come in two weight options - 12.5kg and 22.5kg - making them the perfect choice for a variety of mobile robots.
  • Nominal Capacity: We offer two nominal capacity options for our AGV batteries - 50Ah and 100Ah, providing you with the power you need to keep your AGV running smoothly.
  • Type: All of our AGV batteries are made with the highest quality lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, ensuring maximum performance and reliability.
  • Certifications: Our AGV batteries are certified by UN38.3, CE, and RoHS, meeting all safety and environmental standards.
  • Application: Our AGV batteries are specifically designed for use in mobile robots, making them the perfect choice for any AGV battery pack.
Key Features

Our AGV batteries offer a range of features to ensure the best performance for your mobile robots:

  • Long Lifespan: Our batteries are designed to last, with a lifespan of up to 2000 cycles.
  • Lightweight Design: The lightweight design of our batteries makes them easy to install and reduces the overall weight of your mobile robot.
  • Fast Charging: Our AGV batteries can be quickly and easily charged with a battery AGV charger, ensuring minimal downtime for your mobile robot.
  • High Energy Density: Our batteries have a high energy density, providing your AGV with more power in a smaller package.
  • Customizable Options: We offer customizable options for our AGV batteries, including different voltage and capacity options, to meet the specific needs of your mobile robot.
Why Choose AGV Batteries?

At AGV Batteries, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality batteries for their mobile robots. With our focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, we are constantly striving to improve and enhance our products to meet the ever-changing needs of the AGV industry. Choose AGV Batteries for reliable, high-performance batteries for your AGV battery systems.



  • Product Name: AGV Batteries
  • Weight: 12.5kg, 22.5kg
  • Model: LFP24V50Ah, LFP24V100Ah
  • Advantage:
    • Intelligent Control
    • High Stability
    • High Safety
  • Application: Mobile Robots
  • Stored Energy: 2560Wh, 1280Wh
  • Keywords: agv battery systems, batterie agv, agv battery pack

Technical Parameters:

AGV Batteries  
Communication Protocol CAN
Protection BMS
Application Mobile Robots
Type LiFePO4
Model LFP24V50Ah, LFP24V100Ah
Nominal Capacity 50Ah, 100Ah
Weight 12.5kg, 22.5kg
Nominal Voltage 25.6V
Feature Integrated with Intelligent BMS
Cycle Life 2000 cycles
Keywords AGV lithium ion battery, battery AGV, AGV car battery


AGV Batteries for Mobile Robots

Place of Origin: China

Price: Negotiable

Packaging Details: standard packing, as customer demands

Delivery Time: 15 - 30 Days

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,etc.

Nominal Voltage: 25.6V

Battery Type: Lithium-ion

Protection: BMS

Cycle Life: 2000 Cycles

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are becoming increasingly popular in various industries, as they offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for material handling and transportation. These mobile robots require a reliable power source to operate, and this is where AGV batteries come in. RPT is a leading brand from China that offers high-quality AGV batteries to power your mobile robots.

Our AGV batteries are specifically designed for use in automated guided vehicles, making them the perfect fit for your mobile robots. With a nominal voltage of 25.6V, our lithium-ion batteries provide a stable and long-lasting power supply for your AGVs. The batteries are equipped with a battery management system (BMS) for added protection, ensuring the safety and durability of your mobile robots.

The AGV battery systems from RPT have a cycle life of 2000 cycles, making them a reliable and cost-effective choice for your mobile robots. They are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of industrial environments, ensuring uninterrupted operation of your AGVs.

Our AGV batteries are suitable for a wide range of applications, including warehouse automation, logistics, manufacturing, and more. They are also compatible with various types of AGVs, such as forklifts, pallet trucks, and tugger carts.

With RPT AGV batteries, you can enjoy a hassle-free and efficient operation of your mobile robots. Our batteries are competitively priced and come with flexible payment terms, making them a cost-effective choice for your business. Contact us now to learn more about our AGV batteries and how they can benefit your operations.

Packing and Shipping:

AGV Batteries Packaging and Shipping

Our AGV Batteries are carefully packaged to ensure safe delivery to our customers. Each battery is placed in a sturdy box with ample padding to prevent any damage during transportation. The packaging also includes handling instructions and safety precautions to ensure proper handling and usage of the battery.

We offer several shipping options for our AGV Batteries, including standard ground shipping, expedited shipping, and international shipping. Our team works with trusted shipping partners to ensure timely and efficient delivery of your order.

For international shipping, we take extra care in packaging and labeling to comply with all customs regulations. We also provide all necessary documentation for smooth customs clearance.

At AGV Batteries, we are committed to providing the best packaging and shipping services to our customers to ensure a hassle-free experience. Contact us for more information on our packaging and shipping options.


  • Q: What is the brand name of this product?
  • A: The brand name of this product is GZAPSC,or customized brand.
  • Q: Where is this product manufactured?
  • A: This product is manufactured in China.
  • Q: Is the price of this product negotiable?
  • A: Yes, the price of this product is negotiable.
  • Q: What kind of packaging is used for this product?
  • A: This product is packaged in standard packing, as per customer demands.
  • Q: How long will it take to receive the product after placing an order?
  • A: The delivery time for this product is usually between 15-30 days.
  • Q: What are the accepted payment methods for this product?
  • A: The accepted payment methods for this product include L/C, T/T, etc.