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12V 24V 5Ah-200Ah Energy Storage Lithium-ion Battery Series

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12V 24V 5Ah-200Ah Energy Storage Lithium-ion Battery Series


The RP-LAR series provides a high IP rating to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system throughout its life cycle. Its intelligent management structure can accurately monitor the status of each component in the system to ensure stable system performance and user safety.


The 12V and 24V Energy Storage Lithium-ion Battery Series you mentioned is a range of lithium-ion batteries designed for energy storage applications. Here are some key points regarding this series:

  1. Voltage Options: The series offers both 12V and 24V battery options. These voltage levels are commonly used in various applications, including solar energy storage systems, off-grid power systems, recreational vehicles (RVs), marine applications, and more.

  2. Lithium-ion Battery Chemistry: The batteries in this series utilize lithium-ion chemistry, known for its high energy density, long cycle life, and efficient energy storage capabilities. Lithium-ion batteries are widely used in energy storage due to their reliability, high power output, and ability to handle deep cycling.

  3. Capacity Range: The series provides a wide range of capacity options, from 5Ah to 200Ah. The capacity determines the amount of energy that can be stored in the battery. The specific capacity requirement depends on the energy needs of the application, such as the power demand, backup duration, or system size.

  4. Energy Storage Applications: The batteries in this series are suitable for various energy storage applications, including solar energy storage, off-grid power systems, backup power for critical devices or appliances, electric vehicles, and more. They provide a reliable and efficient solution for storing and utilizing energy efficiently.

When selecting a battery from this series, it's important to consider factors such as the battery's cycle life, efficiency, warranty, charging and discharging rates, compatibility with the application or system, and overall system design. Consulting with a reputable battery supplier or energy storage professional can help determine the most suitable battery for your specific energy storage requirements.


Product Advantages

  • LFP (lithium iron phosphate) cell to ensure the highest safety, higher energy density, longer cycle life, and wide temperature range.
  • With compact dimensions and light weight, the LiFePO4 battery is 2-3 times smaller in dimension and weight compared to the lead acid battery.
  • Built-in BMS, protects voltage, current, and temperature in the whole operation.
  • Dismountable screw lid, easy to open and check BMS and the state inside the battery.
  • Supports connections with 4 pieces in series and 4 pieces in parallel.



  • 12.8V series lithium-ion battery 10Ah-80Ah for solar energy storage.
    Items LFP12V10Ah LFP12V20Ah LFP12V30Ah LFP12V40Ah LFP12V50Ah LFP12V80Ah
    Nominal Voltage 12.8V 12.8V 12.8V 12.8V 12.8V 12.8V
    Nominal Capacity 10Ah 20Ah 30Ah 40Ah 50Ah 80Ah
    Stored Energy 240Wh 240Wh 384Wh 512Wh 640Wh 2560Wh
    Dimension(L*W*H) 151mm*65mm*94mm 181mm*76mm*166mm 175mm*166mm*125mm 195mm*130mm*168mm 197mm*166mm*163mm 258mm*166mm*215mm
    Weight(approx.) 1kg 2kg 3.3kg